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Mrs Justice O’Farrell speaks to the LBPCF

Mrs Justice O’Farrell delivered a lecture entitled “Adjudication – Enforcing the adjudicator’s decision in the TCC” at the University of Liverpool’s School of Law and Social Justice on the 3rd November 2022. The talk was introduced by Liverpool’s resident Business and Property Court (BPC) judge His Honour Judge Cadwallader. Members of the local professions were present including solicitors, barristers, adjudicators and members of the construction industry. Mrs Justice O’Farrell was also joined by students and faculty. A drinks reception followed the lecture where Mrs Justice O’Farrell continued to field questions from the audience and guests.

In her lecture Mrs Justice O’Farrell discussed enforcing adjudication. As part of her lecture the judge took the audience through the history and types of adjudication. The judge then spent some time carefully analysing a number of leading adjudication decisions, including some of her own judgments. It was a fascinating talk which was well attended.

A main theme of the talk was that the Technology & Construction Court (TCC) is present in Liverpool as part of the BPC and that it is looking to undertake work in Liverpool on these important and weighty matters. His Honour Judge Cadwallader re-enforced this theme with his introduction to Mrs Justice O’Farrell and with his closing remarks.

The powers points for the lecture can be viewed here:

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